Puppy Fever

With everyone on my Facebook newsfeed getting into their mid twenties my timeline is full of engagement rings, weddings, and babies. It’s like they are all magically appearing. Girls I did not even know were dating are getting engaged and girls I didn’t even know were pregnant are posting “Mommy and Jake taking two month old selfies!”. With all of these people I know jump starting their lives I began to think about my own timing and what I want in my life and all I really want right now is a little fur baby. I am overcome with puppy fever.

The timing isn’t right. I go to school all day and have an internship. There just isn’t enough time to give my little baby the time he would need.

My apartment is no where near puppy proof! I live like a college sorority girl. That means that wine bottles and shoes on the floor is completely normal. My apartment is also on the third story and let’s face it if I am too lazy to walk down the stairs to take the trash out I would probably be a bad dog mom and let my baby go down the stairs while standing at the top- not ideal dog mom behavior.

Money. Babies need money, even baby dogs. I spend money on wine, boots, and gas. A puppy is just not in the budget. I grew up with dogs and loved spoiling them. If I can’t afford to order anything more than an appetizer when I go out to eat I probably can’t afford a puppy.

I catch myself hanging out the window just to look at a dog momma and her baby out for a walk. It’s getting a little out of hand… I feel like the boys on campus can sense my puppy fever. They walk around with little husky puppies, playing with them in the grass. I can’t help but stare. And just a hint for all you boys who think that a puppy is a good way to draw in woman, it is. But know that they are only looking at the dog, it had nothing to do with you.

Despite all of these reasons why I know I shouldn’t have a dog I find myself scrolling through Instagram pages and Pinterest boards looking at those big brown golden retriever eyes and falling more and more in love.

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