Pumpkin Patch Lovin’

I can’t believe that October is oct(over)! One of the things on my fall to do list was to go to a pumpkin patch. Jeff and I both had the afternoon off so we decided to head about forty minutes outside of town to spend the rest of the day wandering in corn, eating funnel cakes and picking pumpkins. As we stated to approach the patch I realized that no one was in the parking lot. Slightly panicked I pulled out my phone and frantically started checking the hours of the pumpkin patch. their hours were 9-2. It was 3. I was so distraught! I had been planning and looking forward to this all month. Lesson learned- if you are planning an outing knowing the hours of your destination is helpful.

After our little mishap we headed back out Sunday afternoon. This time I double checked the times and we headed out.I had never been so happy to see a line of cars. We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. I explored for a good 45 minutes before coming back to my first pick. That is how most my decision making goes haha (good thing Jeff is so understanding!). After taking the pumpkins to the car we headed back to explore the corn maze and finally get that funnel cake! Over all the it was a perfect way to spend an October afternoon.




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