Goals for 2016

In past years I have made New Year’s resolutions only to break them by March. This year instead of resolutions I am setting goals. My goals for this year are much more attainable. I am not giving anything up or making any big life changing decisions I am just trying to improve on what is already working!


This year Santa left a water bottle in my stalking, I think it was a hint! Drinking the recommended has always been so hard for me and this winter has been especially hard on my skin! So one of my goals is to drink the recommend 2 liters of water per day.



Kate Spade water bottle 

Create a Routine

In past years I have made resolutions to work out daily or run X number of  miles. I have FINALLY figured out why they do not work for me. It is not that I lack the motivation it is that I run out of time for the work out. So this year I am going to schedule them all ahead of time! This way there is no way I can run out of time or make excuses.


To Do List

I started creating a To Do List at the beginning of every week. One for school and separate one for general life. I keep a list of chores that need to be done around the house along with things I need to do before graduation among many other lists all on stick notes in my planner. I love having lists, honestly there is no better feeling than crossing things off. This year my goal is to keep up all of these lists but put them all in their own notebook so my planner isn’t nearly as crowded with sticky notes. I  also plan on creating a chore chart like this one  . It will be one less sticky note and I might actually get more done if I have a super cute reminder like the one form simplykierste.com!




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