We love because it’s the only true adventure.

We love love because it’s the only true adventure.


Why do people go on adventures…

1. To be lost.
Getting away from everything you know can be refreshing and eye opening. There is so much more to experience when we are not at home. but the same goes for when we do not feel at home. To get lost in a new relationship, to get lost in love is the most exciting things there is. It is a whole new world with a whole new person. By allowing yourself to get lost in the person you love you begin to see things a little bit differently.
2. To find where we belong.
In the end everyone just wants to find their niche. But what if your home isn’t a place but rather a person. A person you could come home to wherever you are, anywhere in the world, a person whose embrace makes you feel safe, warm, wanted, and loved. Isn’t that even better than a place?
3. To find yourself.
When I was younger I felt that I needed to backpack across Europe to “find me”. But I found me with out leaving my college town. I am in a loving relationship with an amazing man who has helped me realize that I am enough, just as I am. I know who I am and what I want from life. Would traveling across the world be amazing? ABSOLUTELY! But it would not help me find myself or learn to love myself any more.
4. Adrenaline
Thrill seeking is a huge part of adventure. But I don’t think I have had a bigger adrenaline rush than the first time my hand brushed against my now boyfriend’s for the first time. Or the thrill I got on that mountain top, under the stars, when I knew he is going to tell me he loved me for the first time, and I was just waiting for him to say the words so I could say them back. Those are the kind of trills I seek.
5. Experience.
People go on adventures to gain new experiences. They are sought after and coveted. Why should relationships be any different? Why can’t we just enjoy the experience? Be brave. Love is scary, but so are adventures.

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