My Skin Care Routine

essential oils

I have suffered with acne FOREVER! As I have gotten older it has gotten better but i still wouldn’t going anywhere other than Saturday errands with out foundation on. Recently I started using essential oils and all of a sudden i started to get that dewy glow I had only dreamed about (and gotten with highlighting)! DoTerra is what I started with and still use their cleanser and hydrating cream. As I have gotten more adventurous with my oil selection I started shopping at Whole Foods for them.

The facial cleanser I use is melaleuca and peppermint. It is extremely refreshing and makes my skin feel wonderful!

Facial Cleanser

After cleansing I use the doTerra hydrating cream which is tailored especially to dry skin. It is infused with lavender, jasmine, geranium and frankincense. This cream leaves skin moisturized with out leaving my skin greasy and it goes beautifully under all that makeup I put on.

Hydrating Cream

At night I add in some oils. I a couple of drops directly to my skin. First I use sweet almond oil which is used to promote healthy skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

After almond oil I add rose hip seed oil which absorbs into directly into my skin with out leaving it greasy. It is used to combat dry winter skin and help clear acne and rosacea which is so perfect for me especially this time of year!

Rosehip Seed Oil

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