Grad Cap

I LOVE crafting, I have done paddles, canvases, coolers and more but the my grad cap was by far the most stressful!! It took me forever to decide what I wanted on it and even longer to get it done!

To craft my cap I started with black card stock and cut it to the size of the top of my cap. I then used a pencil to sketch out the flowers and print the words. Painting the flowers was probably the easiest and most fun part! Lots of layers of paint added a ton of interest and dimension. The words were all just done with white paint. The hard part was the hole for the button. The button of some caps pops off but I was too sacred to pull that hard on mine so I lined up the edges and then cut a small X where the button was. I was able to fold the extra card stalk under. To attach the card stalk to the cap I used adhesive strips and they worked wonderful! To cover the button I cut a circle large enough to cover the button and attached it with the strips. Even though this project was super stressful it was so worth it not only because it was super cute but because it make it easy for all of my family to find me at graduation!

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