Road Trip Essentials

Road tripping with my best friend has to be the highlight of every vacation we take together. The vacations are amazing but my favorite memories always seem to happen in the car. I have a feeling this happens because we get a little stir crazy- but that just makes everything even funnier in the moment. I used to dread sitting in the car for hours on end because I used to get so board (and still do).  The more road trips I have taken the more have found that keeping me entertained is a lot easier than I thought; it just takes a little imagination, and an amazing friend! I have found that a couple road trip essentials make the trip into an adventure!


First is a willingness to stop. Often on road trips we are so preoccupied with where we are going that we forget to enjoy the trip- which kinda sounds like a metaphor for life! When road tripping we always stop at every state line for a photo op. Or really stop at anywhere that might be a cute place to take a picture. Even if it is something silly like jumping in puddles or you never get the perfect shot taking the pictures is most of the fun anyway.




Don’t stop for fast food. Find a local place in a small town. While road tripping to Las Vegas we stopped in Flagstaff. The weather was awful, rain, lightning, hail, so we ran in to first restaurant we found.  Alpine Pizza ended up being a perfect stop for us. The place was so full of character and made a great addition to our road trip!



pizza inside



Make sure you have a play list prepared for when the radio goes out, because if you travel almost anywhere worth going it will! Personally my go to is T- Swift, I have all of her music and play different years of Taylor depending on the road trip destination.

Over all it is really just about having fun! Talking, laughing, and enjoying the trip. Do not worry so much about making memories as once you start having fun the memories will just come.



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