Home Sweet Home

I recently moved in to my first post grad apartment and decorating it has made up for all of the awful packing and moving that seamed to consume my life for weeks! Now that I am finished unpacking down to three boxes I have finally put together my living room. When I moved in to this apartment I moved in with my boyfriend- one of the hardest things has been finding a color scheme we could agree on (apparently blush and grey are not manly, who knew?). We finally agreed on gold and green and I am actually loving the way it is all coming together. The wreath above our fireplace will eventually be the spring wreath for our front door but until I can find a painting that does the fireplace justice it will hang there.

I am incredibly picky when it comes to colors and I had the hardest time finding pillows that tied everything together the way I wanted it to, so I finally decided to just buy fabric and make them myself so that I could have the colors I really wanted. The gallery wall is coming along. I would love to add a couple of more paintings or wall hangings in addition to the photos. But for now it is perfect.

Photos 2016 106

Photos 2016 105
Photos 2016 108

Photos 2016 109

Photos 2016 110

Photos 2016 111

Photos 2016 112

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