Pineapple Love

One of my summer obsessions was pineapple everything and even continued as we head into fall. There is a quote going around this season that has really just become a Instagram caption – Be like a pineapple- stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the the inside. I think this is a perfect quote to live by.

Along with being obsessed with pineapples I am obsessed with anything gold. So it only made sense that when I needed a painting that it would incorporate both of these things. To make this painting I started with the four diamonds in the center of the pineapple, worked out to the edges and then drew the leaves. The first time I sketched it out the pineapple was about 1/3 this sized and looked so awkward on the canvas- so I erased it and started over! Once I got the outline right filling it in with gold paint became super easy.

This little painting is part of my gallery wall in my living room and will probably live there until I decided that I have a new obsession but until then that quote is there to make me smile.
Photos 2016 304

Photos 2016 303


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