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Jeff and I have been dating for three years and he is is the biggest blessing in my life. I am so thankful for such a loving man who is so goofy and can make me smile like no one else. Our anniversary was on Friday, September 16th. We (Jeff) decided we should do something low key this year and we finally settled on a picnic up in the mountains- which is where we went on our first date. Per usual I was running late after work and by the time I got changed there was no way we where going to make it up to the mountains before it got dark. I figured he would be irritated that I had made us late (again) but instead he told me that he had a different spot in mind. He took a couple of back roads and parked the car and said we where walking form there. We gathered up the picnic basket and blanket and headed down toward the river.
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We walked for a little while until we found perfect spot under the trees and set up our picnic there. We had stopped on the way and gotten BBQ. As we finished up dinner Jeff told me he wanted to watch the sunset so we stood up and went down the path a bit more. All alone down by the river we played a some music and danced to the sunset- which we often do but usually in the kitchen. Jeff had been telling me all day that he had a surprise for me and he asked if I was ready for it now. He reached into his pocket and my heart started pounding. He pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. I was so confused because I thought that the sunset dancing had meant that a small box was my surprise but this was a promise for a photo shoot which I had been asking for. Although it wasn’t exactly what I thought it was I was still thrilled. I asked if him if he was ready to head back to the car and he said not yet- he wanted to stay until the sun was all the way down. We danced to a couple more songs and then Jeff asked what “What are you doing tonight?” I said “Spending it with you obviously” Then he asked “What are you doing tomorrow night?” I said again “Just staying in with you.” Next Jeff asked me “And what are you doing for the rest of our life?” I said again ” Spending it with you.” He got down on his knee and I started to tear up. He pulled out his wallet where he had taped the ring because he didn’t want me to see the ring box and asked if I would marry him. All I could say was yes over and over again. I didn’t even care that the ring was still taped inside one of the photo slots and not coming out. I couldn’t stop hugging him or crying! Eventually he was able to get the ring out which just made me cry even more. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man and and I feel so blessed that I will get to call him my husband!

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