Arizona Adventures

My best friend is currently what seams about a thousand miles away. She is off getting her masters and doing amazing things as a teacher but that really doesn’t make me miss her even less so for my birthday this year I flew out so spend the weekend with her in Tuscon. I flew in to Phoenix so we could have a mini road trip but before we drove back down it was absolutely necessary to stop for margaritas and chips and salsa!

Chips and Salsa

Bridal Box

When we got to her apartment she had the cutest box waiting for me. This was the first time I had seen her sense I got engaged and even sense she moved! The box has the latest Knot magazine, a ring dish, a wine glass, a little bottle of champagne and the sweetest card addressed to Mrs. Doerr (still can’t believe that is real!!) That night we headed out for a night of food and drinks and more food and more drinks. We started at Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink which has some of the best brussels sprouts they are served with a house hot sauce, sherry vin., and pecan brittle crumb. We continued to Elliots which has infused vodkas in flavors like key lime, plum, ginger, and mint citrus. Our night consisted of a couple of other places including the Playground for a photo opp and Auld Dubliner for Harry Potter shots. 


The morning after required a bit of recovery but after some sprite, puppy cuddles, and more catching up we where ready to head out for shopping and dinner.  We headed to La Encantada in the Catalina Foothills and after some window shopping ended up at North Italia for dinner. The food and wine was wonderful but even better was getting to play my favorite game with my best friend. When we are out to eat we love to people watch and try to guess what number date they are on and even though Jeff will try and play with me it is not quite the same!
Wine Sipping


On Sunday I took the last flight out so that we could go to brunch and spend a little bit more time together before I had to head home and back to reality. I absolutely love Prep and Pastry. They have mimosas by the bottle with some amazing flavors such as The Cure which is blueberry and lemon and Prep Royale which is blackberry sage tea along with the traditional flavors.



Just Bring the Bottle


Their sign also makes for the perfect back drop for pictures! This little weekend trip and getting to spend time with my best friend was the best way to spend my birthday. They say that no one loves you when your 23 but the first couple weeks have been treating me pretty well.

Bestie Brunching

She is my Favorite


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