Pick of the Patch

One of the number one things on my fall to do list each year is the pumpkin patch. I love having the pick of the patch mostly because I need to look at about 100 to find the perfect one (or five) and I love an excuse to get outside and spend time with Jeff. Our lives are so busy that is is nice to be able to spend a day just hanging out and not worrying about work, school, or the pile of laundry I really do need to put away.

We had really just ventured out for brunch (I LOVE brunch) but the second we turned out of our apartment we hit crazy amounts of traffic which is so strange and very unlike our little community. Apparently the whole 6 center blocks of town had been shut down for the Fall Festival that was happening all weekend. So all of our brunch conversations consisted of me dropping not so subtle hints that I wanted to head over after we ate. After we finished our breakfast tacos and french toast we headed over to get in line for the hay ride to take us out to the pumpkin patch where I spent way more time than needed but it was so worth it.

Found it!


Pumpkin Pickin

Pumpkin Patch Lovin

Pumpkin Picking

Engagement Ring

And of course I take advantage of every opportunity to show off this beauty!

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