Let All You Do Be Done In Love

First Corinthians 16:14 reads “let all you do be done in love”. I think this is one of the most simple passages and one of the most important especially this time of year. Just a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

The other day I was walking into Target and there was a young women sitting on a bench outside asking for money. I typically keep walking but something about her pulling on my heart strings. So I paused and started to walk back and began a conversation with her. It turns out she was working at one of the fast food places next door and living out of her car- she was trying desperately to get back on her feet after her mother had been very sick. I asked her if there was anything I could do for her- she asked if I could buy her something to eat. When I was doing my shopping I pick her up some food and some little things I thought she may have needed. As I was walking back to my car I handed her the bag I had bought for her and told her I would pray for her and her mother. She grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye almost teary and said “thank you- we can us all the prayers we can get, God bless you.”

It had cost me $10 and 2 extra minutes to make this woman’s whole night and beyond that it filled me with so much joy to make her happy. I don’t tell this story to brag but to point out how easy it is to make a small difference and do it in the name of the Lord.

Let All Be Done in Love

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