Getting In The Christmas Spirit

Earlier this week Jeff had mentioned that it really didn’t feel like Christmas. I have definitely had years like that as well, so we started talking about all of the little traditions that we did growing up that got us in the holiday spirit. We then took a day and just did all of our little Christmas things. Our apartment looks like Christmas exploded all over the place and I couldn’t be happier!


Bake Christmas Cookies

Every year growing up my mom would bake a dozen different types of cookies so she could make cookie trays for everyone. So if there isn’t a batch of something in the oven at all times I’m not even sure it is really December.

Send Christmas Cards

I was asking Jeff why it didn’t feel like Christmas to him and he told me it was because he usually spends time surrounded by family and that helps. This year that isn’t an option for us. We will be with family for Christmas but with our work schedules there was no way to spend more time with them this year. So to make time for them we made sure we sent out Christmas cards. Its not quite the same, but it dose make us feel more connected to everyone.


Put on Christmas Music

Michael Buble, need I say more? Here is the link to my favorite play list

Image result for michael buble christmas

Decorate a Gingerbread house

Growing up Jeff always decorated gingerbread houses. He would buy the ones that needed to be assembled and then decorated. It wasn’t about it being all from scratch or being perfect it was just about enjoying the people you were with and having fun. We were grocery shopping this week and this little house caught his eye so we thew it in the cart and put it together. It was so cute watching him try and get all of the icicles just right.


There is nothing quite like coming home to a beautiful wreath, fire in the fire place, and stockings hanging. Just adding the little touches put me in such a festive mood. The best way to decorate is with a Christmas movie on. The Santa Clause, Home Alone and The Grinch are a MUST every year.

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