Save The Dates 

With our wedding less than six months away everything is starting to get real. We have our location booked, photographer, DJ, cake, (working on a caterer), and my dress appointment booked. With everything staring to fall into place and our count down starting it is time to get our save the dates out.

As much as I would have loved to have been able to hire a calligrapher it was just not in our budget. Although I might have been able to do it myself with some practice it is just not practical while trying to plan the wedding, working full time, and planning a cross-state move here in a couple of weeks. So I improvised.

Even though wring out the names like isn’t quite the calligraphy I had wanted they all turned out so cute- took only a couple of evenings to write out a couple hundred and didn’t cost me a thing!


Our save the dates are from Vistaprint and I love them. They have our wedding date, location and our website so that all of our guests have access to our room blocks, engagement story, and wedding registry. Vistaprint was so fast and if you catch a sale it is so affordable (especially when you need to order 200).

We ordered a return address stamp from Etsy for our save the dates and to use on the invitations and thank-yous. It is already the best investment I have ever made! Once we get settled into our new home one of the first things I am doing is ordering a stamp with our new address for everything that we need to send out. If there is one thing you invest in it needs to be one of these- even if it is not for a wedding and just to have to send letters or Christmas cards it is so worth the $20 you’ll spend.

I love little details when it comes to anything so of course my wedding wouldn’t be any different and neither would my save the dates. I picked this stamp up at Hobby Lobby right after we go engaged and even thought I didn’t need it- it made me smile. I know that the little things like this are not needed but they are also what will make my wedding stand out and be memorable for all of our guests.

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