Bridal Shower

Pop the champagne I’m changing my last name!

My bridal shower was a couple of weeks ago and it was so perfect! There was champagne, pineapples and doughnuts, I mean really what else could you you ask for? My bridal shower was a couple of weeks ago. My maid of honor and I flew to Nebraska so that my cousins who are bridesmaids and my grandma could attend. The girls did an amazing job helping craft everything needed for the shower. I insisted that I NEEDED a doughnut wall so my bridesmaids helped craft it the day before. My maid of honor and I even got up at 5:30 to make sure we could get doughnuts from this amazing local shop. My grandma was convinced that if we weren’t there at 5:30 we wouldn’t get what we wanted…we were the first costumers of the day so we definitely got what we wanted!


The mimosa bar was so fun, we had different flavors of juice and berries to mix with champagne.

When trying to plan centerpieces I wanted something easy and not not floral that we could put together with out much fuss. I know pineapples have been a thing for the last year or so but I am not even close to over them and apparently neither is anyone else because ceramic ones are going for $20+ So we decided to just use real pineapples and spray paint them gold. They turned out so cute and cost about $10 for all of my tables!


Apparently saving the bows from your bridal shower, mounting them to a paper plate and using them as your practice bouquet at your rehearsal is a tradition. I had no idea. And apparently put it is also a tradition to wear said practice bouquet on your head- but I think they might have made this part up!!

The favors where DIY ice tea in a jar. I have to confess it was not my idea but I fell in love with how cute and easy they were. All that it takes to make one is a mason jar, a couple of tea bags, some sugar cubes and a cute straw taped to the side.

I am so grateful for my amazing maid of honor and awesome bridesmaids! Seriously how does anyone do it with out them!! Next step bachelorette party.

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