When in Waco

I put off wedding dress shopping for forever, I just felt like everything else in my wedding was so perfect and that the dress couldn’t live up so to find the perfect one. So I put it off so long I needed to shop at a sample shop which was the perfect excuse to take a day trip to Waco. Not only did I get to find the perfect dress but I also got to spend the afternoon at Magnolia Market.


I am in love with Fixer Upper- how can you not be? House and relationship goals all in one. Everything at Magnolia Market it beautiful you can tell that everything was planned out with such detail, an herb garden, the food trucks, flower boxes, a field complete with footballs and swings, and so much shopping!












I am never one to down play shopping- like ever, but the bakery is absolutely the highlight of Magnolia Market. The line typically takes 30-45 minutes but it is worth every second. Cupcakes and other sweets are about $3 each. They also have fresh infused lemon aids that are so good I am on a mission to find a copy cat recipe.



The cupcakes have fun names  and even better flavors! All of them are wonderful but the strawberry is the absolute best!!

Silobration- which is vanilla cake chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkles

Nuts and Bolts- vanilla cake filled with pecans and walnuts and then topped with cream cheese icing

Shiplap- Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing

Lemon Lavender- Lemon and lavender cake with lemon buttercream

Strawberries ‘N Cream- strawberry cake and vanilla buttercream icing

There are also other traditional flavors such as red velvet, chocolate cake with chocolate icing, chocolate cake and vanilla icing among cookies and pastries such as chocolate peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, pecan cinnamon rolls, cranberry orange biscuits, blueberry muffin crumble, and vanilla bean shortbread cookies among others.



Magnolia Market has beautiful home decor but if you are looking for great shopping and better prices there are shops all over down town with in walking distance of the silos. My favorite is the Findery and the Findery warehouse just a short walk down the street.


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