Bridal Shower Games

I hate bridal shower games. Hate them. So when my bridal shower came around I knew that everyone would be expecting them- and I do love tradition so I had my maid of honor help me pick some that I could tolerate and everyone else would enjoy.

Our party revolved around food and champagne- as any good brunch does! We did a ring hunt- hiding plastic rings around the hours and whoever fount the most won. I figured it would be something for the littlest ones to play but the teenagers literally ran around looking for them. It was so fun seeing them excited!

The rest of the games where fill in the blanks/ mad lib kind of games. Who knows the bride best was fun- it was so fun to see how different people answered the different questions. The mad libs ended up being so funny! Some people took them seriously and gave really sweet advice while others reminded me to shave on my wedding day! I loved them! We spent just enough time on the games that they were fun and everyone got to enjoy them with out me hating that I had agreed to have games at the shower!!





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