Our Wedding

We did it! We got married. After months and months of planning, waiting and stressing our wedding day finally came and went.

When I was planning our wedding I wanted it to be memorable to everyone. I wanted the little details to be special and something that would only be at our wedding. But even more than being special and memorable I wanted it to be fun. I wanted our wedding to be a celebration in every sense of the word!

From the bridesmaids’ dresses being fun separates, to the (almost) endless wine at the vineyard, to the yard games and dancing every detail was supposed to mad our wedding the party of the year!

Our ceremony was beautiful, we incorporated a unity knot ceremony which symbolized the joining together of husband, wife and God at the center. We said traditional vows because there is no way I would have been able to say mine if we had written them out- I would have lost it! But we did write letters to each other with our promises to each other for our marriage. We each read them before we walked down the aisle.


Happy hour consisted of wine, beer, a cheese and cracker table, wine, lawn games, a kids table and wine ( I mean we did get married at a vineyard!) I was so worried that people would get board during happy hour but it was just the opposite! We had the hardest time getting everyone in their seats so we could make our entrance.

The whole night is a wonderful blur of love and tear and laughter. I am so grateful for such amazing friends and family who made our day possible!

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