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I just completed my second round of whole30 and feel wonderful! It is such a good reset to take a step back and evaluate what you are eating. We reintroduced grains but have continued to cut sugar and dairy (well expect cheese, life with out cheese is sad). And I really don’t miss either of them. But I did when I started! I started writing down some of my thoughts. Between meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping it is easy to be consumed by whole30. So I kept a little note with all of my thoughts as we went though round two.


DAY 1: I got this! I don’t know why I remember it being so hard last time.

DAY 2: Coffee with coconut cream is so not the same- every time I take a drink I look down at my cup disappointing.

DAY 5: *watching Chrissy Teagan’s snapchat story* Oh she is making zukini lausangua- I can make that, it is grain free! Oh wait there is cheese- I’ll just make it with out any cheese. Ew no never mind.

DAY 7: Literally considered eating tortilla chips out of the trash in the break room- ew. I guess this is rock bottom

DAY 10: All the cravings! Tacos are breaking my heart. I don’t think I have ever wanted to eat bread and butter so  badly

DAY 12: Cravings are all under control. I think I got this.

DAY 15: I made poor decisions this morning and now I am dying. Too much coffee and no real breakfast is not my friend. Cashew butter to the rescue.

DAY 22: How do people eat eggs and bacon every morning?

DAY 20: *we rented a cabin in the mountains for a mini vacation* Really missing pancakes and hot chocolate.

DAY 21: No forget everything I said yesterday- I would trade it all for a glass of wine. What kind of a person sits by the fire on vacation with out a glass of wine.

DAY 28: I feel great and this was fun and all but can we just call it good?

DAY 30: YES!!!

POST WHOLE30 DAY 1: I don’t even want all of those things I couldn’t have on whole30- maybe another round?

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