Easter Baskets

Growing up Easter morning consisted of pancakes, our Sunday best, and running around like wild children to find where the Easter bunny hid our baskets. It seamed that every year no matter where we looked I found everyone’s basket before mine.

As Jeff and I start our own traditions I still hide our baskets in our house and we hunt for them before breakfast and church.

In the past we have done mostly candy and would splurge on a chocolate bunny. This year I wanted our baskets to be more fun and custom (yay for not being poor college kids and more).

Easter Basket

Our baskets this year are full of candy- what is an Easter basket with out chocolate and starburst jelly beans? But i also added some fun things this year that that I know we’ll both love.


For Her:

My basket this year has a book by Laine Moriarty who is the author of Big Little Lies- with I was a BIG fan of! It also has Belvoir elderflower and rose lemonade. I first tried this at the Magnolia silos when I was dress shopping and I have been obsessed so when I found it and cotton candy I knew they both had to go in my basket!  I also added some chap-stick and the go to chocolate bunny.


For Him:

Jeff got new boxers- which actually might have been the high light haha. I also found this smoker tube at Target- you add wood chips and put in your normal grill to add some flavor when you are grilling out. The hubby has upgraded from chocolate bunnies to chocolate storm troopers and he was thrilled! The Russell Stover cream eggs where always in my basket growing up and it is now a tradition I have shared with Jeff.


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