First 5K

My best friend and I recently ran our first 5K. We live a couple of states away so we are finding 5Ks around and meeting up there to run together. For this first race we met up in Dallas. Our race was at a vineyard just south of Fort Worth. We rented the cutest little Air B and B and turned it into a girls weekend.


Full disclosure, I am not a runner! I actually hated running at the beginning of all of this, but now I am getting up early or racing home to get my run in. Who have I become??

When we started training I could hardly run down the block! But by race day we where running just over 11 minute miles. This wasn’t the best time but it was my best time and I was seriously so proud! For the first couple of weeks I followed the couch to 5K program. This was 20-30 minute work out sessions where you alternate between a brisk walk and run.

I didn’t follow the program all the way through just for the first three weeks or so of training and then I started training by miles. I would run between 1 and 5 (usually 2-3) four times per week- focusing on better times.

The other two work outs per week would either be spin or yoga. We started training a few months out. It was so helpful to have a race in mind and a goal to work toward! We ran the Wicked Wine Run. It was through a vineyard and we were literally handed a class of wine as we crossed the finish line. Is there really a better way to start off running 5Ks?



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