God’s Timing

Jeff and I have been doing a lot of praying lately. We are at a crossroads of a lot of major life decisions. We are more than halfway through her first year of marriage and ready to start mapping out the rest of our lives. We’ve been together for five years so we definitely know what the general ideas have careers buy a house have kids. But the intricacies of how each of those are gonna happen is a whole other story.


If there is one that you should know about me is that I am a planner. Everything in my life gets planned out. I have a planner that is my lifeline for our entire world. Each day has an hour by hour schedule along with it to do list. Cash our golden retriever even has a bath schedule. It may seem excessive but it’s how I make sure everything gets done. I love the little things so to make sure little things happen like birthday cards, care packages for finals, personal wedding gifts, and visiting all 500 members of each of our family stretched across just about every state and so I don’t forget it has to be planned out. So I feel like it’s not surprising to anyone that one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is to except God’s timing.


Jeff is in the process of going back to school and was planning on chemical engineering. We both work full time day jobs so it needed to be something that he could do outside work hours. Out local college didn’t offer classes that work with his scheduled so we figured online would be the best option. We started looking into schools. Now you would think that in a state as large as Texas that there would be a school that had an online master’s program. No. So we started looking out of state. Out of state was scary. The cost was crazy. Jeff and I were able to get our undergrad degrees without going into debt and we didn’t want to put ourselves into that kind of debt when we had worked so hard for years to avoid it.


When something doesn’t happen it’s not because God does not want you to have it. It is because he has his own plan that is so much better.


It was not God’s plan. Sometimes when roadblocks keep going up it is because God is trying to get you back on his path for you. Jeff revisited why he wanted what to go into engineering- the answer was pretty simple science was his passion and he wanted to be able to make a living for our out of what he loved. The other day Jeff went to our niece’s school for a “Donuts with Dudes” morning and each kid got to say what they thought was the coolest thing about their dude and our niece went around telling everyone that her dude was a scientist. Jeff couldn’t have been more excited.


So we reevaluated what the game plan was. Jeff felt that he was being pulled toward geology. So he made an appointment to meet with the director of the master’s program at our local college which is a branch of the University of Texas. Unlike the engineering program a bunch of credits from his biology undergrad would transfer which meant a 3 year program instead of 6. Classes where mostly in the evenings and some where even offered online. They would be willing to work with him to create a degree plan that would allow him a master’s in geology with a focus in microbiology- his passion. So he signed up.


Then completely unrelated I had an employee at work ask me at work if we had a tuition reimbursement program and we did. So I got to thinking if my company offered it I was positive Jeff’s would as well. So he applied not even an hour latter his inbox dinged. He had been approved for tuition reimbursement along with student fees and books. We would be paying nothing for his master’s program.


This is God’s plan for us. I spent months researching and trying to force a plan that just wasn’t working and with a week of starting on this new path Jeff found a program, was accepted, enrolled in classes, AND the ENTIRE program was paid for. I truly believe it is because we found the direction we needed to be going. But it was not in my timing or in Jeff’s. We spent hours mulling over how much over time we would need to work to avoid debt or how many semesters it would take taking prerequisites. And in those months we learned to be humble and patient and ultimately grateful which are all lessons I always need a recap on.

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