9 Rounds

I have always been a huge fan of workout classes. I lived at the spin studio in the weeks leading up to my wedding and could literally go to yoga twice a day. With our work schedule Jeff and I really don’t see each other too much and if you throw a work out class in there that is another hour we don’t get to spend together so we decided to find something we could do together and both hold each other accountable for.

In college Jeff did some amateur boxing and had a gym that he loved so he started searching for something similar here. He found 9 Rounds and was so excited to try it out. I on the other hand was a little bit more apprehensive. Spin, yoga, two mile run? Count me in, but a kickboxing class? I wasn’t sure it was for me. But I was so wrong!

There are no class times; you can drop in anytime they are open. The work out consists of 9 rounds of 3 minutes with 30 seconds in-between. A bell signals when it is time to switch stations. And the 30 seconds in-between each round are meant for rest which really just means jumping jacks or sit ups. There are trainers who will let you know what each station looks like. The equipment is always the same but the exercises change daily to target different mussels. Because there is a new round starting every 3 minutes you are always able to make class and get that one on one training experience. I am hooked!

Round One:

Jump Rope. My first time I thought no big deal I jumped rope back in the day. Heck I could even jump in to a double Dutch and double jump this for sure would be the easiest round for me. Ha. No this round kills me every time. We have been going for about two months now and three minutes of jumping rope is no joke.

Round Two:

So they say that his round is strength training and centered around weights but I am pretty sure that the trainers just get joy out of slowly killing me with squats. Weighted squat kicks, squat presses, weighted squat jumps. Its torture but like the really good kind that make you realize that you have all kinds of mussels in your legs that you didn’t even know existed.

Round Three:

This round starts off with the trainer putting on your boxing gloves and it is literally my favorite of the entire work out. I feel like someone just let a fire every time they secure the gloves.  This round is where the punches work their way in and someone with eye hand coordination this took a while to for me to catch on to. Full disclosure I have hit air far more often than I would like to admit.

Round Four:

I feel that this round is the epitome of what I thought kick boxing would be. And no this is not a kick boxing gym it is truly cardio but this round is where the classic punching bag comes in. The last time we were in in was cross jabs and alternating front and round kicks.

Round Five:

Round four is to focus on upper cuts and hooks. I really love this bag! It is more tear drop shape. The trainers will come around and check form- they teach you how your feet should be positioned, what part of your hand should hit the bag and will even make customizations to make the workout harder or easier.

Round Six:

This round is a trainer lead drill. They will come over with pads and have you focus on one skill. On our last work out it was cross jabs. We started cross-jabs and then moved into a sit up position. They had us sit up and then cross-jab each time we sat up.

Round Seven:

Round seven is all about legs and believe me you will know the next day- knee kicks or donkey kicks!

Round Eight:

Speed bag. This round is the hardest for me! All that is consists of is hitting a little speed bag like the one you see in an arcade but because of my lack of eye hand coordination I would be better off doing a full round of burpees and that says soo much!

Round Nine:

Abs. Three minutes doesn’t seem like too long until you do a plank hold for 180 seconds. Every class is a little different sometimes it is V ups or kettle bell Russian twists all for a quick 3 minutes that will seem like forever.

I am loving this workout it makes me feel so powerful! And there is something so so satisfying about punching something at the end of a long day! The cardo is fantastic. I am burning right around 300 calories per workout. We are about a month in and have signed up for a year membership

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