I am in the process of reading Girl, Wash Your Face. Well I’m not reading – I’m listening. Let’s be real I hardly have time to vacuum my floors let alone sit down and read a book so I have been listening. Listening while I drive to work, listen while I’m running errands, and listening while I’m cleaning my bathroom and I am obsessed!

On my way to work this morning I listened to the chapter about goals. And it stuck with me. I thought all day about what my goals where. I have never been someone to take no for an answer and I am the queen of loop holes. So I started to think- if “no” was not my reason for not achieving my goals then what was it? That sat with me all day.

I think the biggest reason is because I have never written them down. I write down EVERYTHING so this is so strange for me. Like seriously everything- I have two planners and a rolling to do list. So here are my goals put out here for the whole world to see. I am writing them down, making a plan and putting them out on the internet so that I have to hold my self accountable.

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Build our first home
  3. Own horses
  4. Consistently Blog
  5. Have kids

This are the big ones for me right now. They don’t need to happen today or even this year but someday.

I have agreed to run a half marathon with my sister in-law early next year.

Jeff and I are in the process of building our first home. It’s not our dream home but it will be all ours and we couldn’t be more excited. The market here is insane right now so we are on a list and it a waiting game.

Own horses- this one is much more long term than some of my other goals but someday!

I have a hard time carving out time for me and I consider this blog “me time”. But this is something that is important to me so setting out a little bit of time to put that English degree of mine to use is going to have to be a priority.

Kids. I want four- Jeff is not convinced quite yet but I have him up to 3- so progress. I have always wanted to be a mom so kids has always been the plan for Jeff and me. But we don’t want to rush it. We love just being married. We are planning a bunch of fun things this year. But as of next summer we will have bedrooms in that new hours to fill…

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