Flying with wow air 

$99 International flights. I had seen Wow advertised a bit but I thought there has to be a catch so I did what anyone would do- Googled. The reviews where mixed. Some raved about the value while others ranted.

As Jeff and I started booking out Ireland trip we had too look at it as an option. We took a ten day trip flying form Dallas to Dublin. We had planned on the flights being the biggest chunk of our budget for the trip, but when we started pricing out who to fly with the difference was crazy!

To fly with any other airline we were looking at $1400 each but on Wow we could book tickets for BOTH OF US for $1200. I felt like there had to be a catch so I did some more research, and in a way there was. Nothing is included. Not a checked bag, not a carry on, not food or drinks on the plane- you get charged for everything.

It still seamed like an easy choice but I wanted to make sure that all of the little things wouldn’t add up and make us regent it. Checking a bag is $60 each way and you will face an additional charge for a carry-on if you have anything larger than a “personal” item. Drinks, food, wifi, and entertainment are not included but they are typical airport prices- $3 for a soft drink $14 for a sandwich. Even adding a couple hundred dollars for our bags and food made put us at $1400 which is still half of what we would have paid any where else. The plane is a normal size and had plenty of leg room and comfortable seats. The flight attendats were also wonderful. They were kind and were thrilled to answer my questions about what we needed to do in Iceland while we were there.

Wow Air is based out of Keflavík International Airport in Iceland. Their flight often have 24+ hour layovers as a way to add to Iceland’s tourism. Jeff and I thought this was wonderful! We had about a 36 hour layover and decided to get a hotel for the night after the quick 3 hour flight from Dublin. We did some exploring, spent the night in town and then headed to the Blue Lagoon. If you don’t know the Blue Lagoon is a mineral hot spring with silica masks and swim up bars.

The next time we fly it will absolutely be with Wow. We had a wonderful experience and as long as you are prepared for the charges going in there will be no surprises. They have all the prices listed clearly on line. Saving nearly $1,500 was absolutely worth paying for my $15 sandwich!

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