Must Haves Traveling Internationally for the First Time

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Part of my New Year’s resolution is to travel more. We have a couple of trips planned this year- Organ, Nebraska, New Mexico, and maybe Georgia. We plan on keeping out travels in the US this year but last year we traveled abroad for the first time. For our first anniversary we went to Ireland and Iceland for ten days. It was my first time on an international flight and traveling via train. We had the most amazing time but there are a lot of things about traveling internationally for the first time that I hadn’t though of! So I made a quick list of things that I was glad so glad that I had with me on the plane and also while we traveled around.

  1. Water bottle
    • Water is expensive in airports, and when traveling it could easy run you $3-$5 per bottle- having one you can fill and take will save you so much over the course of a week long trip. P.S. If you travel to Iceland their tap water is better than anything you can buy!
  2. A scarf
    • Having something to wrap up in saved me so many times- in chilly restaurants, when the temperature would drop in the evening or even as a blanket on the plane. When I wasn’t wearing the scarf I had a cross body and I would tie the scarf in a bow on the strap of my bag. It looked super cute and I didn’t have to overheat when things warmed back up. This one is super similar to the one I took with me.
  3. Comfy but cute shoes
    • I only wore two pairs the entire trip. I took 5- looking back that was a ton of weight that I didn’t need! I took a pair of booties that I could dress up or down and a pair of duck boots that I would wear when we went the outdoor locations. My absolute favorite shoes were from Target and super reasonable. You can find them here.
  4. Snacks
    • Jet lag is so real- the first night I woke up in the middle of the night starving. My body still thought that is was time for food not sleep. Not to mention long train and plane rides. We saved so much money by having snacks on hand. We didn’t have to buy snacks and most days we didn’t buy lunch either- we just ate the snacks we brought.
  5. Cash
    • When we traveled in both Ireland and Iceland we could use our card most places but not everywhere. There was more than once we needed a cab or found a little shop that didn’t take cards.

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