Picking A Floor Plan

When Jeff and I set out on building out new house one of the biggest decisions we had to make was what floor plan we wanted. Three bedrooms or four? A kitchen island or no kitchen island? And what neighborhood?

We knew that we wanted an open floor plan but that was about all that we were set on. We don’t plan on this being out forever home but we do want to be here for for quite a few years so resale value for use was super important to us.

When we started house hunting two years ago I created a binder full of school districts and neighborhoods that fed into them. We picked our current neighborhood because it fed it to the best school district not only for out babies someday but also to help resale the house when we are ready. Our budget dictated our square footage and square footage dictated the number of bedrooms. The rest of what we wanted we made a must have list and a would like to have list and then looked at our budge.

We looked at floor plans online and in person and settled on an open kitchen/living/ dinning area with a granite peninsula. In our rental house we only have one bathroom with no counter space and a shower. So in the new house we put his and her vanities along with a bathtub went on a must have list. A laundry room and walk in closet were also on my list.
Hardwood floors were on my like to have list and carpet was on Jeff’s must have list so compromise went into our floors. We ended up with ceramic tiles that look like hardwood in our living areas and bathrooms and carpet in out bedrooms.

Knowing what we didn’t want to compromise on made our choices so much easier and it help Jeff and I stay on the same page. Over all it has been the most amazing process and we are so excited!

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