Things To Know Before Visiting Blue Lagoon 

The Blue Lagoon is a silica hot spring in Iceland and it just stunning! The volcanic rock in the background and the milky blue water is what Instagram dreams are made of!

When Jeff and I went to Ireland for our anniversary we had a layover in Iceland for two days. We decided to spend a day at the Blue Lagoon. Here are a few things you need to know before going!

Book the bus. You can book a round trip ticket from the airport to the Blue Lagoon and most hotels have shuttles that run from the hotels to the lagoon and back. Our flight times were all times of the night so we took a taxi to hotel witch was crazy expensive. Our hotel had a free shuttle back and forth from the Blue Lagoon. If you don’t book in advance don’t stress we were able to ask when the next bus was and pay cash.

It’s fine to take your bags. There is a place to check your bag for a small fee if you have large luggage. We only had overnight bags so we just put them in a locker. The locker rooms are lovely and have a ton of room. I had a weekender and a purse with me and they fit easy

You are required to shower naked before getting in the water. But it’s really not a big deal they have communal showers along with individual stalls. Each is equipped with body wash and conditioner

Don’t get your hair wet. I am sure if you have read anything about the Blue Lagoon you already know that the same silica that makes the water that milky blue will also make your hair feel like straw. To prevent this when your are rinsing put a handful of conditioner in your hair and don’t rinse it. Then put your hair up and try not to get it wet.

Make sure you explore. The are hidden seats, coves, pools and a waterfall. Included with even the basic ticket is the steam hut, sauna, a swim up bar with one included drink, and silica mud mask bar.

They have essentials conditioner body was lotion hair dryer. The locker rooms have beautiful stone walls and have everything you need to get ready after spending a day in the water.

It’s perfect for a layover. The seam drifting across the water and the other worldly landscape make this a super romantic spot. But be warned all of the misty steam you see on Pinterest is definitely there but most of it is from the power plant that uses the geothermal water to power Reykjavik and also used at the blue lagoon.

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