Whole30 Update

If you have never done Whole30 there are a couple of things to need know. The first is the hangover. The first day will seem so easy. The food is wonderful and you feel like you could do this forever. But somewhere around day two or three the Whole30 hangover sets in.

The combination between sugar withdraws and cutting carbs can cause a brain fog, headaches and even nausea. The first time I did Whole30 I was eating horrible food and a ton of sugar- that time my “hangover” lasted the whole first week- it was awful! I did my first Whole30 about a year and a half ago. After that I changed my diet quite a bit- realizing how much I was addicted to sugar! This time around it was just a headache on day three. I am headache free now but I do miss bread, and chocolate!

If you are considering doing a round of Whole30 the key to getting it right and not slipping up is with out a doubt snacks! When I am doing a round- or even when I am not- I make sure that I always have an RX bar in my purse. It is super filling and will also take care of a chocolate craving in a pinch. Almonds, fresh fruit, some Lara bars, mixed nuts, and carrots with guacamole are some of my favorite compliant snacks.

We always keep sparkling water in our fridge. I used to be a La Croix addict but now Bubby has become my go to. The cherry is my absolutle favorite! But really all of the flavors are wonderful.

I can’t drink my coffee black. According to the Whole30 guidelines that means I don’t really like coffee and that I shouldn’t be drinking it but I just couldn’t accept that! Normally I drink Natural Bliss Almond milk creamer but sugar is among a couple of non-compliant ingredients so we switch over to Nut Pods any time we ditch the sugar. The hazelnut is my absolute favorite!

The first time I did Whole30 I followed the guidelines exactly and discovered that cutting dairy out of my diet made a huge difference for me! Now when Jeff and I do a round it is really more to reset! Who else is in the middle of a January Whole30? I would love to hear your updates!

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