Appliance Shopping

When Jeff and I moved into the house we had about a million things to do. One of which was appliance shopping. We had always rented places with appliances so there was no need to put any energy into it. So when we started shopping I was a little overwhelmed.

To start we just went to Lowes and browsed- looking at different washers, dryers and fridges. I felt like a little kid, running around pushing all the buttons and opening and closing doors! But ultimately we were still clueless, so we started to narrow it down by brand. We settled on Maytag for everything. Maytag is what the rest of the appliances are in our home so the new ones would undoubtedly look like they all fit together and we loved the ten year warranty on everything.

After doing a little bit of research and three more trips to the store so I could look at everything in person again we picked this one to go in our new kitchen.

The washer and dryer we picked was pretty easy once we settled on a brand. We knew that we wanted a top loading washer so that narrowed it down significantly. The only other qualification we had for the washer and dryer were size. We wanted the biggest ones. I struggle with finding time for laundry so the more clothes I can fit in the better! These are the ones we ended up bringing home. We have absolutely loved them so far! Our golden retriever sheds like crazy and these will get his fur off our cloths is a win in my book!

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