Easter Baskets

Before we got married Jeff and I talked about some of our holiday traditions growing up and kind of meshed what we wanted to bring into our own family. Jeff would get his Easter basket on the fireplace mantel almost like Christmas morning. When I was growing up the Easter bunny would hide our baskets and we would have to search the house finding them on top of the china hutch or in the dryer. For Each holiday has turned into such a fun mash up of our different traditions and some of our own.

In my Easter basket this year I put together just a couple of my favorites

  • Texas tumbler- perfect for coffee or wine! I love the bluebells and anything that says Texas on it is a winner here!
  • Thayers Witch Hazel Toner in Rose Petal- This toner is wonderful, I have super dry skin and this toner is one of the only ones I can use that don’t leave my skin feeling any better than before.
  • Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask- I use this all day long and put it on at night. It saved my lips all winter and has the softest pink tint that looks so pretty during the day.
  • Tarte Shape Tape- If you haven’t tried this concealer it is so worth jumping on the bandwagon. I put it off forever because it was expensive but it was so worth it! It works as a high light and is full coverage without getting cakey.
  • Russell Stover chocolate cream eggs- my absolute favorites are the raspberry and coconut cream. I would give up all other Easter sweets to have these they are so good!

This year in Jeff’s Easter basket I just put together somethings that he needed

  • A Koda to go coffee mug- can you tell we are a little coffee obsessed in this house?
  • Harry’s Save Gel- Jeff loves these razors and I always snag him another bottle when I see he is getting low
  • A knife sharpener- I guess this one is kind of for both of us. I just picked this one up at HEB. It is easy to use all you do is set it on the counter and it has a suction cup so you can slide the knifes right though it.
  • Russell Stover chocolate cream egg- Jeff like the chocolate truffle one but he is really a sucker for starburst jelly beans so I always make sure I have a bag in the pantry for him!

What fun Easter traditions do you have? I would love to hear about them!

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