Easter Baskets

Growing up Easter morning consisted of pancakes, our Sunday best, and running around like wild children to find where the Easter bunny hid our baskets. It seamed that every year no matter where we looked I found everyone’s basket before mine. As Jeff and I start our own traditions I still hide our baskets in […]

Bridal Shower Games

I hate bridal shower games. Hate them. So when my bridal shower came around I knew that everyone would be expecting them- and I do love tradition so I had my maid of honor help me pick some that I could tolerate and everyone else would enjoy. Our party revolved around food and champagne- as […]

Bridal Shower

Pop the champagne I’m changing my last name! My bridal shower was a couple of weeks ago and it was so perfect! There was champagne, pineapples and doughnuts, I mean really what else could you you ask for? My bridal shower was a couple of weeks ago. My maid of honor and I flew to […]